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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation


FMCSA Part 381 Exemptions in Effect

(Starting with renewal or new, beginning effectiveness in February 2016; in order of effective date)

Filing Organization Category Sub-Category Applies To Exemption Date Appvl Published Fed Reg Effective Date Expiration Date Docket Number FMCSA- *Possession Required
ArcelorMittal HOS/VEH HOS/VEH Their drivers on-site Very short interstate trips 9/23/2016 9/23/2016 9/23/2021 2016-0050 No
Ace Pyro / Illuminations Fireworks HOS 14 hr Drivers for 2 carriers, Jun 28-Jul 8 only No 14 hr rule during fireworks shows 7/5/2016 6/28/2016 7/8/2020 2014-0111 Yes
American  Pyrotechnics HOS 14 hr Certain fireworks transporters; limited periods 14 hr exception during July 4 fireworks. Click here for application appendix. 6/29/2015 6/28/2016 7/8/2020 2007-28043 No
American Concrete Pumping Association HOS 30 min and 14 hour Drivers transporting ready-mixed concrete The first exemption from the HOS 30-minute break provision will allow drivers transporting ready-mixed concrete and related materials to use 30 minutes or more of on-duty “waiting time” to satisfy the requirement for the 30-minute rest break, provided they do not perform any other work during the break. The second exemption will allow drivers to use the short-haul RODS exception but with a 14-hour duty period instead of the usual 12 hours. 2/6/2019 2/6/2019 2/6/2024 2018-0237 Yes
American Concrete Pumping Association HOS 14 hr All concrete pumping drivers 12 hr. rule extended to 14 hrs. 11/1/2018 11/1/2018 10/31/2023 2018-0175 No
American Concrete Pumping Association HOS 30 min All concrete pumping drivers Exempt from the requirement for a 30-minute rest break in Section 395.3(a)(3)(ii), in that they may count “waiting” periods when they are performing no work activity as the required 30-minute break. 10/9/2019 10/9/2019 10/9/2024 2016-0342 Yes
ATA HOS 30 min Motor Carriers transporting security-sensitive hazardous materials requiring a security plan Exempt from the 30 minute break provision. 8/21/2015 8/21/2015 8/21/20 FAST Act 2015-0012 Yes
ATA – Agricutural and Food Transporters Conference Cargo Securement 393.102, 393.106, 393.110, and 393.114 Motor carriers transporting boxes, bins, or tubs of agricultural commodities, or hay, straw, and cotton bales Allows alternative means of securement 4/23/2019 4/23/2019 4/23/2024 2017-0319 No
see for securement methods]
ATA – Automobile Carriers Conference Warning Flags 393.87 Motor carriers operating stinger steered automobile transporter equipment No warning flags necessary 2/15/2019 2/15/2019 2/15/2024 2018-0090 No
Castignoli Enterprises Sleeper Berth 393.76 Castignoli Enterprises Sleeper berth in Ford F350 that does not meet certain sleeper berth requriements 10/19/2018 10/19/2018 10/19/2023 2018-0142 No
CR England CDL Other CLP holders, as team driver CLP holder w/o front seat CDL holder 6/12/2017 6/13/2017 6/12/2022 2014-0406 No
Daimler CDL Foreign Driver 1 driver ZEILINGER: CDL Exemption 6/6/2017 6/6/2017 6/6/2022 2012-0032 Yes
Daimler CDL Foreign Driver 1 driver ZEUNER: CDL exemption 5/23/2017 5/23/2017 5/23/2022 2012-0032 Yes
Daimler CDL Foreign Driver 1 driver BOEHM 7/25/2016 7/25/2016 7/25/2021 2012-0032 Yes
CDL exception
Daimler CDL Foreign Driver 1 driver BAUMANN 7/12/2016 6/30/2016 6/29/2021 2012-0032 Yes
CDL exception
Daimler CDL Foreign Driver 1 driver HELBING CDL Exemption 8/17/2017 7/22/2017 7/22/2022 2012-032 Yes
Daimler CDL Foreign Driver 1 driver ENNERST CDL renewal 8/17/2017 7/22/2017 7/22/2022 2012-0032 Yes
Daimler Trucks North America Visibility 393.60(e) Daimler CMVs Device mounted lower in windshield 1/31/2018 2/1/2018 1/31/2023 2017-0176 No
Daimler Trucks North American CDL 383 Daimler CDL driver Veber CDL requirement 9/10/2018 9/10/2018 9/11/2023 2012-0032 Yes
DOE HOS 30 min DOE special category shipments "Attending" 30 min break on duty 6/22/2015 6/30/2015 6/30/20 FAST Act 2012-0370 No
Farruggio's Express HOS RODS Farruggio drivers ony Short haul: Go past 12 hr limit w/o RODS 8/10/2016 8/10/2016 8/10/2021 2015-0460 Yes
Flatbed Carrier Safety Group Cargo Securement 393.12 All motor carriers Securement of metal coils loaded with eyes crosswise grouped in rows 4/21/2017 4/13/2017 4/13/2022 2010-0177 No
Ford Motor Company Exhaust Location 393.83 Motor carriers operating Ford’s Transit-based CMVs Exhaust system location that does not meet current requirements 11/16/2017 8/15/2017 8/15/2022 2015-0111 No
Groendyke Transport, Inc. Lighting 393.25(e) Groendyke trailers Permits use of an amber brake-activated pulsating lamp in addition to the required steady-burning brake lamps. 4/26/2019 4/26/2019 4/26/2024 2018-0023 No
Hino Motors Visibility 393.60(e) Hino CMVs Device mounted lower in windshield 8/3/2017 8/3/2017 8/3/2022 2015-0239 No
International Institute of Towing and Recovery (IITR) Cargo Securement 393.112/393.128 All motor carriers Use combination of fixed and adjustable tiedowns to secure light vehicles 5/15/2017 5/15/2017 5/15/2022 2016-0111 No
Isuzu CDL 383 Isuzu drivers 12 driver to hold U.S. commercial driver’s license 10/19/2018 11/19/2018 2/21/2024 2006-25290 Yes
McKee Foods HOS Sleeper Team drivers using sleeper Sleeper berth modified rule 3/27/2015 3/27/2015 3/27/20 FAST Act 2014-0071 No
Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) HOS ELD CMV drivers When transporting to or from a theatrical or television motion picture production site. 1/19/2018 1/19/208 1/19/2023 2017-0298 Yes
Navistar CDL Foreign 1 Driver Douay-German Driver 4/15/2019 4/15/2019 4/15/2024 2018-0347 Yes
National Asphalt Paving NAPA HOS 30 MRB/ short haul 12 hrs Drivers on asphalt paving projects No 30 MRB. Short haul up to 14 hrs 1/26/18  1/26/18  1/25/2023 2017-0197 Yes
National Mobile Shower & Catering Assoc. NMSCA HOS Other All of their drivers Various HOS exemption to support forest fighters 10/1/2019 10/1/2019 10/1/2024 2018-0331 No
National Tank Truck Carriers NTTC HOS HOS 30 MRB/ short-haul Fuel delivery drivers No MRB if over 12 hrs short haul 4/9/2018 4/9/2018 4/10/2023 2017-0270 Yes
New PRIME CDL Other CLP holders, as team driver CLP holder w/o front seat CDL holder 6/27/17  6/27/17  6/27/2022 2016-0420 No
Rail Delivery Services HOS Short haul 12 hr limit All of their drivers Use timecards even when exceeding 12 hrs 11/14/2017 11/14/2017 11/14/2022 2017-0190 Yes
Oregon  Trucking Associations HOS 30- Minute Break CMV drivers engaged in transporting timber from Oregon Forestlands Exempt from the 30 minute break provision 3/18/2015 3/18/2020 3/18/2020 2015-06184 No
R&R Transp HOS 30 min Certain hi-risk cargos "Attending" time 30 MRB for hi-risk cargo Pending 10/2/2015 10/2/20 FAST Act 2015-0197 Yes
RJR HOS Short haul All of their drivers Permits RJR drivers that do not exceed the 150 air-mile radius to utilize time records instead of a record of duty status (RODS) for that day. 6/7/2019 6/7/2019 6/7/2024 2018-0271 No
RVIA CDL Other Driveaway RV drivers Rec veh driveaway CDL exemption 4/12/2017 4/6/2017 4/6/2022 2014-0352 No
SC&RA HOS 30 min Under OS/OW permit All qualifying motor carriers and drivers operating mobile cranes with a rated lifting capacity of greater than 30 tons are exempt from the 30-minute break provision 11/27/2018 12/27/2018 11/1/2023 2016-0096 Yes
SDDC HOS 30 min SDDC special category shipments "Attending" 30 min break on duty 10/20/2017 10/20/2017 10/21/2023 2013-0275 Yes
SmartDrive Systems Inc. Visibility 393.60(e) Carriers using the SmartDrive ADAS camera system Device mounted lower in windshield 4/15/2019 4/15/2019 4/15/2024 2018-0321 No
STEMCO Lighting 393.11 Carriers using STEMCO aerodynamic device Allows rear ID & clearance lights to be mounted lower 2/14/2018 2/14/2018 2/1/2023 2016-0167 No
Stoneridge Inc. Mirrors 393.8 Carriers using Stoneridge MirrorEye Camera Monitor System Allows use of camera system in lieu of rear vision mirrors 2/21/2019 2/21/2019 2/13/2024 2018-0141 No
TowMate LLC Lighting 393.23 Temporary Towing Operations Allow rechargeable battery tail lighting systems 2/13/2018 2/9/2018 2/9/2023 2015-0238 No
Trailways HOS short stops Regular Route motorcoach drivers Not log short stops: all reg rt carriers 6/4/2015 5/31/2015 5/31/20 FAST Act 2012-0268 No
Transco HOS 30-minute break Transco Drivers Enables Transco drivers to comply with the 30-minute break requirement while performing on-duty-not- driving tasks. 8/28/2019 8/28/2019 8/19/2024 2018-0302 Yes
Truck Renting and Leasing Assoc. ELD 395.8 CMV leased for 8 days or fewer No ELD/ AOBRD reqd if lease in vehicle 10/11/2017 10/11/2017 10/11/2022 2016-0428 Yes
United Parcel Service ELD 395.8 All drivers and carriers using ELDs (1) Can enter data in portable ELD without vehicle power on (2) Not rqd to re-enter yard move each power cycle 10/20/2017 10/20/2017 10/20/2022 2017-0054 No
U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc CDL “K” restriction Custom harvester drivers Authorizes custom harvester drivers to operate in interstate commerce even though under 21 years of age. A “K” restriction on these drivers' CDLs does not limit them from driving outside the license-issuing State when they are operating as custom harvesters in accordance with 49 CFR 391.2(a). 10/3/2018 10/3/2018 10/3/2023 2017-0133 Yes
WestRock HOS 14 hr. rule Specified local drivers 14 hr. rule extended to 16 hrs. 7/29/2019 4/17/19  4/16/2024 2010-0027 No
Waste Management Holdings (WMH) HOS 14  hr. rule WMH’s Drivers 12 hr. rule extended to 14 hrs. 10/25/2018 10/22/2018 10/22/2023 2018-0181 Yes

*Drivers must have a copy of the corresponding federal register notice or equivalent signed FMCSA exemption in their possession while operating under the terms of said exemption. The exemption document must be presented to law enforcement officials upon request.

Contact Info:

Charles Horan
Director Office of Carrier, Driver, and Vehicle Safety Standards

Updated: November 15, 2019